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Calendar Door 14

— 3 lucky winners get $10 voucher for pdf plotting —

50% Off Bag Patterns!

Door 7

Behind door 14 we offer three lucky winners a $10 voucher for printing fullsize patterns at PDF Plotting .


The kind folks over at PDF Plotting wanted to give everyone a little something this Christmas, so with this door Everybody Wins! Just leave a comment below and you'll be sent an email with a gift code that gives you 15% off your next order at PDF Plotting. Coupon expires on Jan 7th.

PDF Plotting is well known for printing PDF Patterns. We offer low prices for B&W and Color Pattern printing, along with excellent customer service. We know how much you love to sew creative and fantastic clothing and accessories. And we want to help by saving you time and money verses printing at home. So give us a try, and see how easy it is to have copy shop size patterns printed for you. Say goodbye to tape, unstick yourself from the glue stick, and start sewing.


Makerist designers are offering 50% off their beautiful bag patterns. There's so many to choose from and if you're already planning your spring and summer wardrobes, this is the perfect opportunity to get the perfect bag pattern too. The offer ends on December 16th, so make sure to check out the sale while it lasts! To See the Bag Sale CLICK HERE


Entering the Contest is really simple :
  • Leave a comment answering this question: Would you like Makerist to offer a printing service?
  • 3 Winners will be chosen for the $10 prizes. Everyone who comments will receive a coupon code worth 15% off any order at PDF Plotting

PLEASE NOTE!! You must have a Makerist account in order to comment on this page, without a comment you cannot enter.

The contest ends on Dec 14 at 23.59hr. The winner will be chosen within 5 days. The winner will also be notified via email and announced on this page. This contest is limited to USA only. $10 coupon codes are valid only when basket amounts to $20 or more.


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Comments about this door
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Small avatar female

I'm already a pdf plotting fan

Small avatar female

PDF Plotting is really convenient, so much better than taping together patterns and so much easier to store!

Small avatar female

Absolutely! Really...especially for the larger patterns.

Small avatar female

I would love a coupon!

Small avatar

Oh man, the scotch tape that I go through!

Small avatar

Such an amazing deal...thank you so much! I really prefer to have my pdf patterns printed on a single sheet; my patio doors always have tape marks on them from putting together so many patterns. :-)

Small avatar female

Large format printing is the best for me. I store them rolled up and can easily find to check for information. I think it would be great if Makerist had a PDF print service or partnered with a great company like PDF Plotting.

Small avatar female

I would like to have the option for printed patterns. I am newish and struggling to get all the setting right, tape properly and have my patterns not ve distorted just because of my lack of technical experience. I would gladly pay for printed patterns

Small avatar female

I hate printing patterns on my printer and putting them together, it wastes so much paper and especially expensive inks! I would much prefer to buy paper patterns if possible.


printing service would be great, taping is such a long, boring chore!