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Door 6

It's time for gift number six! We're excited to be partnering with Bambaw today to offer you the chance to win a gift that'll help you to be more sustainable! You have 48 hours to enter and win this Advent prize.

Discover this week's Staff Pick and get 30% off the pattern our creative Makerist team have been loving below!

If you're new to our page, here is how the Advent Calendar works: every 48 hours a new door will open on our website and will allow you to take part in a contest with 12 amazing DIY brands! A huge thanks to our partners! Are you ready to discover the first gift you can win in our Advent Calendar?

WIN a zero waste starter pack from Bambaw today!

Today Bambaw is offering four zero waste gifts to one lucky winner! With this amazing gift, you can swap out your single-use plastics and be part of the movement to reduce waste and pollution.

Bambaw is offering one lucky winner four sustainable gifts today:
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Sorry I don't have a in tag ram account. I make the most of recycling via our council. I also use an electric mobility scooter as I don't dive and I cannot use public transport. I also use refills where possible instead of buying the main product again.

No instagram. I'm really careful about what we recycle and I'm hoping to get our compost bin working next year so we throw out less kitchen waste. I also like using products with sustainable packaging or recyclable packaging.

I recycle what the council allows us to. I try to be energy efficient and have a smart meter installed. i use charity shops and recycle stuff there too. I use public transport because i dont drive anyway. i hand make gifts and cards when i can.

In my opinion, living sustainably is a constant process that involves analysing our behavior question our lifestyle. It is also very important to share this way of living with people all around us! Thus I really like your question, as you ask what we 'try' to do - and not what we have done so far :)
I try to convince as many people to question their everyday consumption and to change their behaviour, because every little action leads to a more sustainable lifestyle. There is so much that we can do, each purchase decision has an impact. A good start is to reuse and repair instead of dumping things. And of course to stop buying botteled water - we are the few lucky people that can drink tap water! I don't have an Instagram account

I refuse/reuse/recycle. I don’t buy veggies in plastic (unless I have to), always bring my own lunch and have metal straws. I use glass containers to store my food that I try to buy in bulk. I buy second hand clothes and try to support locally as much as I can by shopping at the farmers market in the summer.

I recycle , reuse and reduce at every opportunity .
I don't have an Instagram account .

I am now using cloth nappies for my baby, reusable sanitary pads, cheeky cloth wipes instead of disposable ones and we have an amazing local shop that lets us take in our bottles and bags to be re-filled with everything from lentils to shampoo!
The list is endless at the moment and we are always looking for more ways to be better to the environment. This is something i'm so passionate about that I even had my wedding at a carbon neutral eco venue!
thanks for reading my ramble

Switched to reusable cotton cleansing pads, menstrual Cup and pads, compostable cotton buds, metal straw and safety razor to name a few

I don't buy bottled water so the stainless steel bottle would really be nice. I also have reusable shopping bags. I don't have instagram.

I know I can’t win but have to say that this is an amazing gift! I am slowly slowly trying to make changes to be more sustainable and I have 2 sisters who are very influential in this department. Great job Bambaw and makerist.