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Door 7

Door 7 is now open and we're happy to feature in our Calendar a partner for the second time : Frankie Magazine! This Autralian brand is offering a great gift for the New Year to 3 of you! And as usual you have 48 hours to enter the gift: on the 13th and 14th of December

If you're new to our page, here's how our Advent Calendar works: every 48 hours a door will open on our website and will allow you to take part in a new contest with 12 amazing DIY brands! A huge thanks to our partners! Are you ready to discover the details of this Frankie Magazine gift?

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3 lucky participants will all get a beautiful 2020 arty calendar from Frankie Magazine today! This calendar will help you to enter the new 2020 year with a positive and creative mood and will help you to prepare your different DIY projects by writing down all your appointments in your lovely calendar :
  • - Going to the fabric shop
  • - Preparing a sewing challenge where you sew a bit every day...
    Door 7


Frankie Magazine is a national bi-monthly magazine, based in Australia, aimed at women (and men) looking for a magazine that’s as smart, funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious and caring as they are. We cover design, art, photography, fashion, travel, music, craft, interiors and real-life stories – we aim to surprise and delight readers with every turn of our beautifully matte pages, and have a good old laugh while doing so.


The contest is now over, congratulations to our winners : Blythe, Monica and Madison!


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I’m not on Instagram. July.

Hmmm....this had been a huge year, it's hard to pick a face. I'm going with July, when I started teaching piano again with 5 amazing students. Thanks for asking!

No Instagram ... February is my favorite month ... FIESTA :)

August is my favorite month because of my birthday!

My favorite month of 2019 was October as we went to visit my family out of town for a few days as well as just a full month of fun get together. I am still in need of a calendar for the new year and these look beautiful! I don’t have an active Instagram account.

My favorite month was August because it was the start of football season for my son and we took our first family vacation in a long time!

My favorite month this year was August as my husband and I finally got married after 10 years together. we had a fantastic day.

My favourite month this year, has to be this one, the rest have all been hard slog, this one means the end of a hard year and hopefully the beginning of a better one in January!!

My favourite month is always March - the start of Spring, plus it’s my birthday month!

Nice, colourful calendar. How nice would that be, don't have one yet for 2020. Last year my wonderfull, lovely aunty from Holland send me a nice Dutch one all the way to Australia. She is also the reason I live in Australia, went there together with her in 2010 and met the love of my live, married for 2,5 half years. But now to the question, my favourite month of 2019 was April, after not being able to crochet for 6 months, having a tenniselbow from doing to much crochet 24/7, finally in April I could pick up my crochethook again. That really was the best thing in 2019. I am hooked as they say and if I translate litterly from Dutch, I am a happy hooker, oops. We Dutch people think it is very funny. I only don't have a instagram account.