Advent door 8


Door 5

Door 8 is open and we have another great DIY gift for you! Today, there are four crafting kits to be won from See below to find out what comes in each of the different kits! As usual, you have 48 hours to take part in this Advent contest.

If you're new to our page, here's how our Advent Calendar works: every 48 hours a door will open on our website and will allow you to take part in a new contest with 12 amazing DIY brands! A huge thanks to our partners! Are you ready to discover the details of this gift?

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Four lucky winners will each win one of four amazing crafting kits from today! Fabrics, a DIY kit, a knitting & crochet kit and a sewing prize are up for grabs:
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Sewing is my favourite, i try repurposing and being generally more conscious of my decisions and pondering life in general

No instagram. I love knitting little bunnies and things but struggle with it lately, sewing is great for custom Halloween costumes and I'm hoping to start making resin jewellery soon!

I love a few different DIY hobbies but my favourites are sewing and crochet :) I want to learn how to make clothing!

No Instagram account, I love several Craft's my favourite is knitting but I don't knit jumpers exc... as they are to big for me to do, I like simple Crochet, Organza embroidery, Stumpwork, normal embroidery, Paper Stitching, Simple Mosaic's, Origami, and many more craft's which I am learning to do when I've got the time

Have followed on Instagram. I’m a craft magpie if there’s such a thing - I love knitting, sewing, crochet, embroidery, jewellery making, upcycling and would love to try candle making.

No Instagram. My favourite craft is crochet - I mainly make blankets and hats both for family and charity but also enjoy amigurumi.

No instagram account. I like to make clothes (sew, knit) for my family and myself.

My favourite DIY hobby is crochet. I'd like to learn how to write my own patterns! 🧶🙂