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Coupons will soon be available for all Video Courses, Patterns and Materials!


Makerist's conditions for Gift Coupons


For the purchase of Gift Certificates, Makerist's Privacy Policy as well as our Terms and Conditions of Sale apply.

In addition, the following conditions for Gift Coupons also apply:

1. Subject

The Makerist Gift Coupon (hereafter referred to as the Coupon) may be used according to these conditions, for the purchase of Video Courses, Tutorials and Materials supplied by Makerist. The Coupon will be sent to you in the form of an e-mail, along with a Coupon code, after the receipt of the Coupon payment. You can pass on the Coupon to a third party. In the case of transmission you are obligated to not use the Coupon code, nor disclose it to third parties. The Coupon is valid for online Video-Courses, including all the material directly incorporated in the Course price - such as the PDF files, or pattern downloads. If the price of the Course for which the Coupon is being used is higher than the value of the Coupon, the remaining balance must be paid by the purchaser. The Coupon is also valid for handicraft materials from the Makerist Supply Store, along with Ebooks and Tutorials. Courses, Tutorials and Materials can all be placed in the cart, and then paid for collectively with the Gift Coupon.

2. Redeeming the Gift Coupon

Once you have entered the Coupon code at the payment checkout in the corresponding Coupon field, the value of the Coupon is automatically deducted from the overall purchase price. The value of the Coupon will only be deducted from the total price once the payment has been successfully completed.

3. Remaining Credit

Any remaining credit can be saved and subsequently re-used for further purchases by re-entering the Coupon code. A cash payment of the remaining value of the gift Coupon is excluded.

4. Validity

Makerist Gift Certificates must be redeemed by the end of the third year or 1095 days after the submission of the Coupon code. After that, they will no longer be valid.

5. Fraud

If Makerist suspects fraudulent activity or an attempt at deception in connection with the purchase or redemption of Gift Coupons, Makerist reserves the right to terminate the account of the member in question and/or disable the corresponding Coupons. It is possible, however, to claim for the redemption or payment of these corresponding Coupons.

6. Combination of Gift Coupons

Only one Gift Coupon can be used for each order. Several Coupons cannot be used together. However, different Makerist offers (ex. a Video Course and a Material Box) can be combined in the cart and then paid for together with a Gift Coupon.

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