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10 cm Plush Mouse Sewing Pattern, Teddy Bear Style, Jointed Mohair Rat

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    *Illustrated Mouse Pattern *Detailed Directions, well labeled pattern pieces *Advanced Sewing project *Teddy Bear Style Mouse *4" or 10 cm Sleepy Mouse *New Techniques described and illustrated *Mary's Secret Garden Animal Pattern *Artist offers support and consultation


    Sniggles Mouse by Mary Jardin Wimberley This pattern is for advanced Bear Makers or sewers. It also is intended for adult collectors. This mouse has been VERY popular for me! They may have been so popular because of how they fit into a man’s breast pocket or how they like to snuggle into a pouch around your neck or maybe it’s the way they have this drapy, relaxed, sleepy quality. They also relax into various sleepy poses which is why I used to make a little flannel pillow for each of them. They are also very versatile they are in terms of how they look in made up in different colors and styles of fur (as you can see in the photo montage included with purchase of pattern). Plus it is fun to make costumes for them, which gives them even more character! And by the way, I include a simple but wonderful pattern for a collar. I have used this simple easy pattern for many a mouse, bunny and bear… For more ideas on costumes for your mice, go to my website to some of mine. www.marywimberley.com. Even though this pattern is for a small mouse, I have filled seven pages with beautifully marked pattern pieces and detailed instructions including special notes on how to stuff and turn the tail, what materials to use and how to create the eyes. This pattern also is easy to resize because I include the stitch line and also outlines of the discs so as you shrink or enlarge the pattern you can see where to stitch and what size discs to use. The pattern itself is not difficult but for those of you not used to working so small or not used to as much detail in this size (like hand painted eyes with eyelids), I have gone into great depth to describe my process which includes many little tips. Be sure to read all of it. There may just be a hint in there that you need. It is a unique pattern though as the head is made from one piece of fur excluding ears, of course (which are sewn in by the way in special slashes.) Also by purchasing this pattern you agree to not share or sell the pattern itself but are welcome to sell any mice made from it as long as you give me credit for the pattern. As usual, I want you to know ahead of time that I am available for consultation on any aspect of this mouse pattern. I love to hear feedback and I especially love to see photos of finished pieces from my industrious customers. Blessings from the Secret Garden, Mary PS. Learn more about me by reading article in Teddy Bear Times-April/May issue.

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    Materials you need at home:

    Sniggles Mouse Materials *Fur nap: For regular density mohair, use 1/8” to 3/16“ nap. For sparse density, use up to 1/2”. *Mohair: 10“ x 8” (Body) *Extra Thin Ultra Suede: 3” x 5” (Tail, feet) *Wool Felt: 2“ x 3” (Ears) *Eyelids: 3” x 2” thin brown leather or ultra thin ultra suede *DISCS: Head: (1) 5/8” Neck in Body: (1) 3/8” (or use washer) Arm: (4) 3/8” Leg: (4) 1/2” *Eyes: 6 mm clear or colored round pupil glass eyes *Paint: Nail polish or paint for eyes *Whiskers: Horse hair *Hardware: 11 washers (thin brass w/small hole), 2 small looped cotter pins (head, neck) 4 small T cotter pins (arm, leg joints), small curved hemostat, cotter pin key, small clips *Embroidery thread: Black or pink thin pearl cotton (# 12 or 8) or tatting thread *Coloring: Permanent markers (black, gray, pink) stiff paint brush & paint thinner for blending marker ink *Stuffing: Poly fiberfill & tiny glass beads (pellets) for filling, small funnel (glue in plastic straw if desired) *Other materials: Embroidery scissors, white glue, toothpicks, upholstery thread, Fray Check, assorted needles, finger brush, tweezers for plucking face & paws


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    I love the pattern and can't wait to get started. I sure wish there were some clothes patterns available for this little cutie. Please send me a link if there are.