3 crochet patterns scarves fox, cat and raccoon

☆ The 3 crochet raccoon, cat and fox scarves patterns are written in a easy way, with a lot of pictures. Each pattern is suitable for beginners.

☆ Raccoon scarf pattern contains 11 pages, fox scarf pattern contains 10 pages and cat scarf pattern contains 9 pages.

☆ Warning! I use US stitches and metric system. US single crochet = UK double crochet ; US double crochet = UK treble crochet.

☆ Adult size : 150 cm. You choose the length of the scarf you need.

☆ The buyer is entitled to sell the end product at the sole condition it is clearly mentioned the scarf's pattern has been created by Miia Filiz Kedi.

☆ When I was a child, I found an old book from the 40’ with a lot of vintage crochet patterns. So, I crocheted my firts scarf for my old grand mother who used to wear an awful shawl made with real fox fur. I’ve always been against animal cruelty ! I could’nt suffer to see a member of my own family with a dead animal around her neck. Of course, my grand mother did not appreciate the gift… But other people liked the scarf and ordered one for them while other people had specific requests. That is how I started to crochet different kinds of scarves: cats, raccoons, pandas, mice, dogs and other animals. Therefore, that pattern has a story.

☆ If you have any questions about the making of your scarves, feel free to contact me! Enjoy crocheting!

☆ Scarves protected against copying at BOIP.


  • 3 crochet raccoon, fox and cat scarves patterns PDF files.
  • Cat scarf pattern is directly downloadable in PDF format, raccoon and fox scarves patterns are in a .ZIP folder.
  • The explanations are detailed with pictures.

Materials you need at home:

  • Crochet hooks 3 & 4 mm (UK - Canada 11 & 8)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Four 4-holes buttons & 2 security eyes
  • 3 balls Apilou Terracotta N60 Veritas (+/- 990 m)
  • 1 ball of yarn Ecru Saskia 0013 (+/- 100 m)
  • 3 ball of yarn Black Saskia 98206 (+/- 520 m)
  • Polyfil to stuff the head
  • 3 balls light grey Royal from Zeeman (+/- 700 m)
  • 1 ball dark grey yarn Royal from Zeeman (+/- 1 m)
  • 3 balls of yarn Grey Saskia 2410 (+/- 700 m)
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Hi, my name is Miia Filiz Kedi. As you can see, I love crocheting scarves and others stuffs. Thank you for visiting my Makerist Shop, and enjoy crocheting your own scarves!

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