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30 cm Fox clothing pattern, Doll Bear outfit, Fox Riding Jacket, Vest

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    *Some sewing experience preferred *Fox clothing intended for Red Jamie Fox available through Makerist *Excellent instructions and illustrations *Clever shortcuts explained-useful for your other doll/Bear clothing projects. *Can be made in woven fabric or wool felt with embroidery *Help available from Pattern maker *Perfect finish for Fox Project *Many options for fabrics,, textures and colors


    Mary Wimberley’s Jacket, Vest and Stock for her 12” Fox This Fox clothing outfit is intended for my 12” Fox pattern available on this site. Sewing experience preferred. This is my first clothing pattern for sale. And when I say clothing, you know I’m talking about a jacket, vest and stock for my 12” Red Jamie fox, right? So this pattern is for people who may have purchased one of my 12” foxes or for a person who made one of my 12” foxes! It would be perfect for someone who wants to create some clothing for their animals but needs a kick start. There are 9 pages in this pattern including the cover page with the materials list. All pattern pieces are drawn precisely showing stitch lines, notches, etc. Also, the seams are labeled so you can easily match pattern pieces. If you have a bigger fox, just enlarge the pattern the same percentage you used for your fox. Then be careful to stitch along the stitch line as the seam allowance will increase when you do this. Anyway back to the pattern, there are 4 pages of pattern pieces and four pages of directions. In the directions there are many excellent illustrations. I refer to the seam letters in the directions so you will clear about each step. Also I have a few secret short cuts I use which you may find helpful later when you are creating your own patterns. Also please note that the jacket on the packet cover was made of wool felt and has no lining and is edged with the blanket stitch. However I have directions for both a regular lightweight linen coat with lining and for a felt coat without lining and with embroidery. The waistcoat or vest was made with lightweight embroidered cotton and lined with plain broadcloth. The sky is the limit as far as your fabric choices for your jacket and vest. I just recommend that you use lightweight fabrics for best results. Also included is a pattern and directions for the stock or necktie. I welcome questions so please write if you have any thing to ask before purchasing the pattern. If you want to sell your fox wearing this coat, that is fine as long as you give me credit as the pattern maker. For example, I am offering Ralph the Fox, made from Mary Wimberley’s (of Mary’s Secret Garden) fox and costume pattern. Best of luck with your project!

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    Materials you need at home:

    12” Fox Clothing Materials List *Woven Jacket Fabric: (Red) Use a lightweight linen (3/8 yd -10” x 14“ ) *Woven Jacket Lining: (Red) Use a lightweight cotton (3/8 yd or 10” x 14“ ) *Felt Jacket: (Red) Use 100% virgin wool felt (10“ x 15” piece) *Woven Collar & Lining: (Black Velvet) 1/8 yd *Felt Collar: (Black Felt) 3 1/2” x 7” *Vest (Waistcoat): (Lightweight Cotton) 1/4 yd *Vest (Waistcoat) Lining: (Cotton Broadcloth to match) 1/4 yd *Stock (Neck tie): (Lightweight Silk) 24” x 3” *Lace for Stock edge: (1 1/4“ Lace) 6” *Buttons (or beads): (15) ¼” - 3/16”
    *1 Skein #5 Black Pearl Cotton Embroidery thread *Velcro: (To Match) 3/8” W x 4 1/2”