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'à la campagne' English version

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    • Written pattern row by row
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    Pattern paper format: only A4


    ‘À la Campagne’ is a cardigan that just makes think of the country life, coloured and hearty life in the country side, in the middle of fields, in farms and in old houses.

    This pattern is really easy for people who wants to begin their first yoke and top-down cardigan knitting, with colours to create a simple fairisle design just with written instructions at each step. Material: yarn: Main colour: CP: West yorkshire Spinners Illustrious Natural DK #old lace 010 Size S and M : 4 skeins (900 m / 980 yards) 100gr Size L and XL : 5 to 6 skeins (between 1125m and 1350m / 1225 and1470 yards) 100gr\ skein Contrast colours for the Yoke: Fiberspates Coopknits Sock Yeah DK 1 skein 50gr of each colour (112m/122yards) Size S and M: 1 skein of each colour Size L and XL: 2 skeins of each colour A = #Moselle 213 (dark pink) B = #Ammolite 216 (middle pink) C = #Prunus 222 (light pink) Circular needles 4mm (100 cm) for the body Circular needles 3.5mm (80 cm) for the neck and the buttons edge Circular needles small circumference 4mm or DPN needles 4mm for the sleeves 2 stitches holders to keep the sleeves’ stitches (you can use a piece of thread too) 2 stitches markers A tapestry needle Buttons : 6 to 10 buttons depending of the diameter and the way you want to put buttons.

    Level: This pattern is really easy for Beginners in cardigan knitting with top-down and yoke. Note: This pattern is to knit a cardigan from top to down, with a yoke at the top, sleeves knitted after the body by picking up the stitches on the holder and option for the neck edge. Yoke is knitted with 4 colours: Main colour and 3 contrast colours (you can play with colours to create a different style with same pattern base).

    ✽Increases are made on the wrong side (purl) by making a yarn over and knitting it by the back loop on the right side, this will avoid holes in the knit when increasing.

    ✽Colours changing: Each colour changing is indicated in the beginning of the rows, and it is also indicated when you have to knit with 2 colours (ex: A and B = Knit with colour A and colour B). Gauge: 22 stitches x 28 rows after blocking.

    Size: S (M, L, XL)

    Glossary: st(s) = stitch(es) K = knit P = purl yo = yarn over K2tog = knit 2 sts together skpo = slip 1 st, knit the next st, passe the slipped st over the knitted st Twisted stitch = knit the stitch in the back loop K1 CP = knit 1 stitch with main colour (this is the same way to knit: K1 A, K1 B, etc…)

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    Materials you need at home:

    • DK yarn 900 m to 1500 m, main coulour and 3 contrast colours
    • 3.5 mm and 4 mm needles
    • stitch marker