A Village of Toadstools - PDF Pattern

Encourage their imaginative play with this enchanting, easy-to-sew village of toadstools.

A sweet weekend project for a beginner sewer - these toadstools are a perfect upcyling project or scrap buster and the optional embroidery is a lovely introduction for those wanting to give it a try.

This pattern includes a village of three different sizes of toadstool houses with the following finished heights: Small 6.5" (16.5cm), Medium 8" (20cm) and Large 10" (25.5 cm)

{ U p c y c l e } Make old things new again! Twig + Tale patterns pair wonderfully with recycled fabrics.

For more information, photo's and patterns, please visit: http://www.twigandtale.com/


  • Clear step-by-step tutorial with photos for every step
  • Three toadstool sizes
  • Embroidery templates
  • Beginners embroidery guide
  • Inspiration pages
  • Imperial and Metric Measurements

Materials you need at home:

  • View sizes + materials list , http//www.twigandtale.com/pages/toadstool-village-size-chart-materials-list
  • Walls and Base 12” or 30cm of fabric is enough to make all three sizes (a complete village). Woven fabrics. I like to use wool, but you can also use fabrics such as linen, cotton or canvas.
  • Cap 12” or 30cm of fabric is enough to make a complete village (this is enough for two villages, but you will need this amount to make one). Red fabric in a similar weight for a classic toadstool. You can add white felt spots to a plain fabric if desired. You could use any colour or patterned fabric for a less traditional option.
  • Spool of coordinating thread
  • Stuffing
  • Small double-bagged bag of sand, rice or wheat OR small pebbles for weighting each toadstool
  • 14" (35 cm) fine silver cord/elastic for each toadstool
  • One half-inch (10 mm) bell for each toadstool
  • Scraps of felt or non-fraying fabric for windows and doors
  • Small button for door handle for each toadstool
  • Scrap of cardboard to insert into bases of toadstools
  • White felt for spots
  • Embroidery thread or wool in various colors
  • Length of yarn for clothesline and posts
  • Small scraps of colored felt for clothes on clothesline
  • Tiny wooden clothes pegs for clothes on clothesline
  • Regular sewing supplies
  • Embroidery needle with large eye
  • Erasable marker – optional
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Twig + Tale


From my treehouse studio hidden within the New Zealand forest, I draft clothing and toy patterns that capture the essence of childhood storybooks. To me, sewing is a magical journey, full of adventure and the wonderful tales that each material holds. I believe in reusing fabrics when possible and bringing new life to old things, in spending time (sometimes together, sometimes alone) to let the spirit run free.

Twig & Tale is for everyone who shares a love of creativity and an adventurous spirit—beginner sewers especially! It's a celebration of the innocence of childhood and the wonder of nature. It's about comfy clothes and warm things like hugs and capes and coats. It's about handmade, love, and imaginary play—featuring classic, simple patterns that inspire us all to tell a story.

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