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Alien Spaceship Tea Cosy

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    • made from double thickness yarn for extra insulation
    • fits a medium sized teapot that holds 6 to 8 cups or 2 pints
    • helpful photos to guide you
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    Pattern paper format: only A4


    Now tea times can be out of this world with the Alien Spaceship Tea Cosy knitting pattern.

    Knitted throughout with Stylecraft Special DK yarn, the bottom of the tea cosy has a textured pattern that gives the impression of trees.

    The flying saucer is perched on top of the tea cosy and the spacecraft has landing gear that holds the saucer up. A bit like the spaceship in ET.

    On the top of the saucer is a cockpit and through the window is an alien; your typical little green man, who is waving.

    The flying saucer tea cosy is brilliant tea cosy that is specifically designed for Sci-Fi nuts and people who love anything UFO.

    The pattern is a 6 page pattern which is easy to follow and has helpful photos to guide you.

    The flying saucer tea cosy fits a medium sized teapot that covers a Teapot that holds 6 to 8 cups or 2 pints.

    The pattern will be available for digital download as soon as you have completed purchase, so you could start knitting it very soon!

    This product is the knitting pattern only to make your own alien spacecraft tea cosy.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Stylecraft Special DK Midnight
    • Stylecraft Special DK Silver
    • Stylecraft Special DK Bright Green
    • Stylecraft Special DK White
    • Stylecraft Special DK Graphite
    • Stylecraft Special DK Matador
    • Stylecraft Special DK Jaffa
    • Stylecraft Special DK Aster