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ALL IN tote bag - sewing pattern - 3 sizes

$5.90 Tax included
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  • A Test Print document to help you ensure that you will print your pattern in the proper scale;
  • An “eBook”, with step-by-step instructions for sewing your project;
  • An “Overview”, which is a snapshot of all the pattern pieces;
  • The pattern pieces, in two paper size formats: A4 for our European customers, and US Letter for our North American customers. Simply print the PDF for the paper size you normally use.

Pattern measurements: metric & inches
Pattern paper format: US letter & A4


Our trendy and practical ALL IN tote bag pattern comes with three sizes. Size 1 is very large and is perfect for trips to the beach or to the market; Size 2 is great for everyday use, and Size 3 is our mini version that is just right for kids.

Bag Sizes:

  • Size 1: 45cm (17 ¾”) high and 55cm (21 5/8”) by 35cm (13 ¾ “) wide
  • Size 2: 25cm (9 7/8”) high and 30cm (11 3/4”) by 20cm (7 7/8”) wide
  • Size 3: 15cm (6”) high and 20cm (7 7/8”) by 12cm (4 3/4”) wide

  • Skill Level: Intermediate

Recommended Fabric:

  • Quilting cotton, canvas, denim, oil cloth, or corduroy.

For personal use only, all rights reserved.

Need help? We are happy to assist. Contact us at

Happy sewing!

Your Zierstoff Team

Ilka - Joanna - Julie

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Materials you need at home:


Coordinating thread, Fusible fleece

Required material based on a 1,40 meter (55") bolt:

Size 1 (large):

  • Fabric: 1.8m (2yd) total. The bag and the lining each require 90cm (35 3/8”).
  • (Recommended) Fusible fleece: 1-2 meters (1 - 2 1/2 yd)
  • Fabric for a patched pocket: 30cm (11 ¾”)
  • Straps: 2.5 meters (2.75yd) length of 2.5 (1”) wide webbing

Size 2 (medium):

  • Fabric: 1.4m (1.53 yd) total. The bag and the lining each require 70cm (27 1/2”).
  • (Recommended) Fusible fleece: 75cm (0.82yd) - 1,5 meters (1.64yd)
  • Fabric for a patched pocket: 20cm (8”)
  • Straps: 1.5m (1.64yd) length of 2,5cm (1”) wide webbing

Size 3 (small):

  • Fabric: .8m (.88yd) total. The bag and the lining each require 40cm (15 3/4”).
  • (Recommended) Fusible fleece: 50cm (0.55yd) - 100cm (1.1yd)
  • Fabric for a patched pocket: 15cm (6”)
  • Straps: 1.2m (1.3yd) length of 2cm (3/4”) wide webbing.