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Angelina- Classic Style Tote Bag

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    Approximate Finished Dimensions :
    Height: 11½ inches ( 30 cm ) Length :16 inches ( 41 cm) Base : 5 inches ( 13 cm )


    Angelina is an eye-catching spacious bag that is both unique and stylish. The main feature is the two zippered pockets in the front of the bag. The nine zippers on each pocket provide easy access as you can choose any of them to unzip to retrieve the things inside. A thumb drive will fall deep to the bottom of the pocket, so simply unzip the lower zipper to get it. At the back of the bag is a concealed large pocket to keep your valuables secure.

    The suitable fabric is quilting-weight cotton, linen , canvas or home-dec fabric. Medium-weight interfacing and bag base is highly recommended to provide structure to the bag. With metal accessories and right fabric choice, the bag exudes sophistication and a classic look effortlessly.

    This elegant bag is suitable for various occasions – from boardroom to shopping to travel. It is also great for carrying wallets or other personal things. If you are a big ( and stylish ) bag lover then this is definitely a bag for you!

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    Materials you need at home:

    MATERIALS Fabric ( based on 44” wide fabric ) 1 yard of quilting weight cotton fabric / linen / canvas ( MAIN exterior fabric ) ¾ yard of canvas / linen / thick cotton ( CONTRAST fabric ) ¾ yard of linen or cotton ( LINING ) ½ yard of light-weight cotton ( for pocket lining )
    Fusible Interfacing 1 yard of medium or heavy-weight fusible interfacing. If the exterior fabric is rather thick, use medium-weight interfacing. ¼ yard of thick cotton stabilizer ( for bag base ) i.e Pellon Peltex 71F ½ yard of light-weight fusible interfacing (optional : for bag lining ) i.e Pellon SF101 Shape-Flex

    Others 18 8” zippers 1 12” zipper - for making back pocket
    1 14” zipper - for making recessed zipper closure 1 7” zipper ( optional ) – for making additional zippered pocket 1 magnetic button
    4 1 ¾” Square or D-rings for making strap ( optional )

    Tool List  Sewing machine with normal foot and zipper foot, scissors / rotary cutter, iron,seam ripper, ruler, chalk, pencil , pins, clippers, thread and fabric adhesive.  Hammer or rivet setting tools (optional)  A domestic sewing machine is adequate, though the home industrial or heavy duty machine can handle thick areas easier.

    Skill – intermediate / confident beginner. Has basic skills in sewing and has completed a few simple bags.