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Arc de Triomphe - halfcircle Shawl

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    • suitable for very ambitious starters of lace knitting as well as advanced , * unisex , * complete electronic chart

    Pattern paper format: only A4


    Our triumphal arch is another excursion into the world of artistry knitting in the broadest sense, intended for courageous knitting enthusiasts who want to venture into the pattern of lace knitting. Knitting lace patterns is considered the high art of knitting, hence the name "art/artistry knitting" when it comes to decorative lace or ajour patterns. This is an easier pattern, which visually repeats until its end in shape and changes only in the number of stitches.

    What should you be able to?

    • knit
    • purl
    • knit stitches together
    • yarn over
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    Materials you need at home:

    • 1000m Marie(n)Käferchen, 4-ply, "Budgie Bird No 2" , * circular needle 3,5mm, ( at least 120cm) , * scissors , * wool needle , * 23 stitch markers (optional)