Baby and toddler slippers - knitting pattern

These little slippers are fun to make – one piece with shaping!. There is the ballet style with long ties, to which you may of course attach ribbon instead of the knitted cord; the ankle-strap with button fastening; and the bootee-style. They use such a small amount of yarn and are quick to knit up - your little one can have a whole range of colours! Because these are mostly garter stitch, the fabric of the slipper will be nice and stretchy, so the heel-to-toe measurements below are approximate: First size: 4.5” Second size: 5” Third size: 5.5” There are five pages to the pattern, with written instructions and photographs. Worsted yarn was used for all the slipperes, but you don't need to use the yarn specified as long as you make sure that you check the gauge. The slippers are nit flat, so only straight needles are required.


  • PDF knitting pattern with photographs
  • Written pattern (no chart)
  • Sizes are in inches, but supplies are in both imperial and metric
  • Suitable for intermediate knitters, but a good project for knitters who have mastered knit-and-purl and want something more.

Materials you need at home:

You will need: * Between 1 and 1.5 oz any double knitting or worsted yarn * One pair size 3.75mm/9 U.K./5 U.S. straight knitting needles * Cable needle * Yarn needle for sewing * Two small buttons, if making the ankle straps

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Christina Drummond

I learned to knit as a child living in both Ireland and England. I love the intricate work of aran garments, but it was only when my first grandchild came along that I began to design for babies and children - for her first child my daughter had wanted a tiny sweater with a particular aran stitch on the front, I couldn't find a pattern so decided to make one up!

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