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Baby quilt paper piecing pdf pattern and tutorial - Forming soul

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  • 9 pages pdf pattern, english (inches, cm) and french (cm)
  • You should already know how to deal with paper piecing


I love the paper piecing technique, and I wanted to create a pattern with a triangle in the center, and stripes that would comfort this triangle impression to balance the fact that the blocks are squares. To strenghten the quite modern aspect of this quilt, I chose a quite modern color combination too : black and white, with a very strong and outstanding blue. Looking at the finished result, it naturally made me think that it would be a great image of the mind developpement : center pieces and elements slowly coming together to build the soul. That's why "Forming soul"!

This pattern is for a 75x75 cm (approx 30x30 inches) quilt, but you can adapt it the size you want : plaid, table runner, king size quilt.. Whatever you want!

You will get a well illustrated photo pdf tutorial containing clear steps to achieve the quilt you desire. Enjoy!

9 pages pdf pattern, english (inches, cm) and french (cm)

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Materials you need at home:

  • Different colored fabrics (quantity varies following your choice) for the top
    • batting/fleece/wool for the interfacing : a 80x80 cm (32x32") square
    • soft fabric for the backing (fleece/minky...) a 80x80 cm square (32x32")
  • a printer !