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Baby quilt pdf pattern and tutorial - Sakuras

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    • 11 pages pdf, english (cm, inches), french (cm).
    • Suitable for beginners


    Don't you think the fruit trees blossoming is too short? With those beautiful flowers and delicate smells, i always have bold feelings growing into my heart, singing and swinging with a lot of energy. I always miss those shorts weeks as soon as the blossoming is over.. So i imagined a sakura (ornemental japanese cherry tree) quilt, with a modern twist : strong contrast but still the attention linked on the delicate tree flowers. Black, pink, white and grey for thos one, but a much softer color assortement would be beautiful too. On a wall, the quilt could make those spring feelings survive a lot longer!

    The pattern is meant for a 75x75 xm (or 30x30") quilt but you can adapt it any size you want to make a baby quilt, a table topper, or a plaid for example.

    11 pages pdf, english (cm, inches), french (cm).

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Different colored fabrics (quantity varies following your choice) for the top
      • batting/fleece/wool for the interfacing : a 80x80 cm (32x32") square
      • soft fabric for the backing (fleece/minky...) a 80x80 cm square (32x32")
    • light weight fusible (approx 60x60 cm/24x24")