Baby quilt pdf pattern and tutorial - Starring owls

Owly night. When I was a child, I raised 2 little owls called "Petits-ducs". I especially remember the way they could stare at something without moving one single feather, the crazy beautiful eye color they have, and their hability to turn the head towards you although their body is turned in the opposite direction. They are over any cuteness, most of us will agree! On this pattern, they gently warn you : let this beautifull baby sleep in peace! This pattern is for a 75x75 cm (approx 30x30 inches) quilt, but you can adapt it the size you want : plaid, table runner, king size quilt.. Whatever you want!

9 pages pdf pattern and tutorial, english (inches, cm) and french (cm).


  • 9 pages pdf pattern and tutorial, english (inches, cm) and french (cm).
  • Suitable for beginners !

Materials you need at home:

  • Different colored fabrics (quantity varies following your choice) for the top
    • batting/fleece/wool for the interfacing : a 80x80 cm (32x32") square
    • soft fabric for the backing (fleece/minky...) a 80x80 cm square (32x32")
  • leight-weight fusible (approx 50x50 cm/20x20")
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I'm a 35 years old mum of two who used to work in the archaeology fiel (Phd Prehistory). Two years ago, i decided to quit it all to try to live doing my passion : sewing ! And what i love to do, are baby quilts ! I make tutorials to show different techniques to let your imagination fly and realise a very unique quilt for a very unique and lovable new being !

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