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Back to School Crochet Pen and Pencil Holder, Pot or Vase

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    • Written instructions
    • Phototutorial
    • Step-by-step instruction

    Pattern paper format: only A4


    It’s back to school time in many countries including France where I am, so I decided to publish this pattern created months ago and which is a part of my Original Stitch series. It looks like knitting but it’s crochet, it’s not a Tunisian crochet neither. It was designed as Pen and Pencil Holder but can also be used as vase. You can even hang it, if you want. This holder will help you to organize your desk or creative space. Any threads and yarns can be used and it exists in 1 or 2-color version. It keeps its form perfectly because I used a material everyone can have at home and I even suggest other possibilities if you don’t have it.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Yarn or threads of your choice
    • Corresponding hook
    • Scissors