bat ebook crochet pattern

These Little bats do espacially love to hang around during halloween. No matter if in a shelf for decoration, in a kids room to play or with you on the couch.

It can easily be crochet by a beginner.

This is what you Need to know:

slip stitch, single crochet half double crochet, chain, de- or increase

the instruction is detailed and includes lots of Pictures. Still a question left, don´t hesitate to contact me.


  • This pattern describes detaily how to crochet this little bat. , , Many pictures are included, as well as the instruction, how to sew all parts together

Materials you need at home:

  • Needed Materials , , (You will find the needed materials for the black and blue bat in brackets.) ,
    , * about 25 g in dark grey (black) size 2,5- 3,5
    , * left overs in black (light and middle grey) size 2,5- 3,5 , * left overs in white (white) size 2,5- 3,5 , * left overs in purple (light blue) size 2,5- 3,5 , * left overs in light purple (turquoise) size 2,5- 3,5 , * two half beads about6 mm , * some stuffing , , I used Schachenmayr Catania for the bats , , Needed Equipment ,
    , * Hook No. 3 , * Darning needle , * Scissors , * glue
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I started to crochet about three years ago, when my little sister asked me:

I know you can knitt, could you croched me cat???

When I checked the internet, I thought, that could´t be that hard. So I tried and somehow managed to crochet a cat.

From that day on, I haven´t put my needles away any more.

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