Bee Embroidery Pattern

Bring Summer into your home all year round and enjoy a bee inspired sewing project with this unique pattern. Create a stunning larger piece following the main design titled 'Free to bee', which includes honeycomb, a compass and a bee. Or use the smaller design of 'Queen bee' and her laurel leaves to create a smaller and sweeter homage to the busy beauty.

This Pdf was designed for you to be creative with. The patterns were used to create the pieces in the photos shown, which give an example of the various sewing techniques this pattern can be used for (like applique, hand embroidery & freehand machine sewing).

Suggestions are provided in the Pdf, however there is NO colour and stitch guide provided with this design, so if you lack confidence in deciding colours and stitches then this is not the pattern for you :)

Skill level: Intermediate

If extra support is needed, you can find tutorials for filling and outlining embroidery stitches, along with applique techniques, and a freehand machine embroidery video over in the 'embroidery classroom' of my website :


  • Free to bee design (A4 size)
  • Queen bee and laurel leaf design (fits 6" hoop)
  • Compass design (fits 5" hoop)
  • Smaller version of Free to bee (approx 5" square)
  • Reverse images of all the designs (required for some transferring techniques)
  • Suggestions on how to stitch up the design using different tehniques

Materials you need at home:

  • Printer & paper *Transfer pencil/pen *Embroidery thread *Embroidery hoop *Embroidery needle *Fabric
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Jenny Blair

I'm a self taught textile artist and designer/maker, based in rural Scotland where the horizon is filled with rolling hills and the air is clear. I was introduced to embroidery and sewing by a primary school teacher at age 9,it was pretty much love at first stitch (the fact that I won the sewing prize that year may have helped slightly!) That love never fact it became my 'job' and I now spend my days designing colour infused and nature inspired embroidery kits and patterns as well as stitchery projects. I hope you enjoy stitching them as much as I do!

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