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bib with sleeves 2 sizes 2styles

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    • You will find pattern for 2 styles of bibs, each in two sizes. Size 62 fits for 6 month old babys, for babys starting to eat all alone. Size 92 will fit till your childs second birthday.
    • Also you will find a tutorial to make your own patches. Just in case you want to make your baby ́s bib extra sweet...
    • Every step is shown with picture and description.
    • Also beginners can manage this pattern!
    • You will get 2 pdfs, one for the instruction and one for the sewing pattern
    • tutorioal with lots of pictures for „bib with sleeves“, „bib with knitted sleeve hem“
    • basic tutorial for „simple bib“
    • tutorial for making appliqués and pattern for two motives in original size, 14 pages
    • the sewing pattern two styles in two sizes, 6 pages


    Your baby likes his little baby spoon? And it is starting eating all alone? Then it is time for bibs. Lots of bibs. With sleeves and without. You will never have enough bibs...

    bib with sleeves: Bib is colosed with bow at backside. The sleeves fit on baby ́s arms with shirts. Sleeve have a seam at backside. You can sew the sleeve hem or you can add a knitted hem.

    simple bib: Just a small piece of fabric. Closed at the backside. On frontside you can add all kind of decoration.

    Make lots of bib for your baby: small bibs, bigger bibs, bibs with ruffles, bibs with pockets, bibs with sleeves - you will never have enough bibs for your baby...

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    Materials you need at home:

    • terrycloth, 80 x 50 cm/ 32 x 20 inch
    • bias cut fabric stripe to make the binding at the edge of the bib
    • But you can also use cotton jersey, (used or new) bath or kitchen towels or old shower curtains.