Big Daddy - Crochet

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Big Daddy from BioShock! He stands at about 9.5 inches tall when done.

His helmet cage is made with wire and a knit cast-on. I made my Big Daddy wired so his helmet and tank are different than in the pattern. I will be adding instructions on how to make him light up soon. You will need to create his portholes with felt or some other material.

Mr. Bubbles, Bouncer, Big Daddy. Just don’t mess with his little girl!

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Materials you need at home:

  • F/5 Crochet Hook (3.75mm)
  • E/4 Crochet Hook (3.5mm)
  • Brown Yarn (Bernat Satin Sable)
  • Green Yarn (Bernat Satin Forest Mist Heather)
  • Dark Brown Yarn (I Love This Yarn Brown)
  • Silver Yarn
  • Red Yarn
  • Porthole material
  • Stuffing
  • Optional Pipecleaners
  • Optional Wire
  • Yarn Needle
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