Blobfish Amigurumi Crochet Pattern + Tutorial

This is a great beginners amigurumi pattern! You should know basic crocheting in the round concepts. This pattern includes lots of photos to make it super simple for you to assemble.

This is an amigurumi pattern featuring the hideously cute Blobfish, an endangered species from Australia and New Zealand. The blobfish lives in water 600-1200m deep and doesn't have swim bladders, most of its insides are gelatinous and slightly less dense than sea water, letting them float without effort. They eat whatever floats past their face. Scientists believe they are endangered due to ocean floor trawling where they become bycatch.

Your blobfish will be around 10" long. All of my patterns are fully scaled so you can use ANY size yarn and crochet hook and they will look the same (just bigger)!

You will need: Worsted Weight Yarn (Loops & Threads Impeccable or any worsted weight yarn in 2 colors) 3.75mm Crochet Hook 6mm Safety Eyes Tapestry Needle (For Assembly) 6mm Safety Eyes Fiberfill or Other Stuffing

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*Measured In Inches *US Crochet Terms *Suitable for Advanced Beginner *Illustrated Crochet Pattern *Size 10 Inches *Amigurumi

Materials you need at home:

*Worsted Weight Yarn (2 Colors) *3.75mm Crochet Hook *Tapestry Needle For Assembly *Fiber Fill or Other Stuffing *6mm Safety Eyes *Scissors

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My name is Erica and I am also known as the The Soft Scientist. I endeavor to create exceptionally accurate scientific fiber art patterns. While challenging, my patterns offer unique opportunities to grow your skills and make interesting creatures.

My patterns are designed to be as scientifically accurate as possible. You also may sell the finished product of my patterns as long as my website is credited on any sales tag or online description!

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