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Boris the cat amigurumi crochet pattern


    Very cute and fuzzy cat crochet pattern! Make a this funny looking cat with this adorable amigurumi pattern.

    Made with red hairy yarn: Brazilia SMC

    Language: This tutorial is written in English and Dutch

    Fur yarn is so much fun to work with! It is challenging, that is why this is a pattern for the advanced crocheter.

    Boris the cat (5 inch/13 cm) has been made with a 4.5mm 7 hook (brazilia schachemayer yarn) & 2.5 4/0 size hook (catania yarn) You need 100 meters of brazilia yarn.

    @2016 DIY Fluffies Mariska Vos-Bolman - All rights reserved. You may sell the ones that you make yourself in limited quantities if you mention that you used my pattern on the label and website.

    This crochet pattern has been tested by a team of testers.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Red hairy yarn Brazilia SMC 00031
    • Black cotton - catania color 110
    • White Cotton - catania color 106
    • Synthetic Poly filling
    • 1 black safety nose 12 mm
    • Scissors
    • Tapestry needles with blunt point, nr. 16
    • Optional Dog hairbrush
    • Crochet hook size for catania yarn 2.5 mm 4/0
    • Crochet hook size for Brazilia yarn 4.5 mm 7