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Bottlenose Dolphin Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

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    *Illustrated Crochet Pattern *US Crochet Terms *Measured in Inches *Amigurumi *Realistic Animals

    Pattern measurements: only inches
    Pattern paper format: only US letter


    This beautiful dolphin pattern is made in honor of a captive held dolphin stolen from the wild in Taiji japan. Her name is Shoujo or Angel and was taken from the ocean 2 years ago. In her honor I crocheted her and her mother. This is a scientifically accurate pattern that you will love creating. It is 100% baby safe! You crochet the entire body in one piece, dorsal fin, flukes and pectoral fins separately. This pattern is suitable for an advanced beginner, the hardest part is creating small starting circles.

    This pattern creates a dolphin about 8" long when using worsted weight yarn. As shown in the photos you can see the dolphins are two sizes. The baby dolphin has been crocheted in sport weight yarn! You can use my patterns with any yarn because they are designed to be scale-able! When crocheted in sport weight the dolphin is about 5 inches long. You could also make a larger dolphin using larger yarn!

    You will need worsted weight yarn, 6mm safety eyes a 3.5mm hook, fiber fill or another stuffing, scissors and a tapestry needle!

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    Materials you need at home:

    *Worsted Weight Yarn *3.00mm Crochet Hook *FiberFill or Other Stuffing *Tapestry Needle *Scissors *6mm Safety Eyes