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Bunny Sewing Pattern, Teddy Bear Rabbit, Plush Toy, Jointed Lop Rabbit

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    *Illustrated Rabbit Toy Pattern *Collectible Rabbit Sewing Pattern *Teddy Bear Rabbit *Teddy Bear Bunny *38cm Plush Bunny *Suitable for Advanced Sewers *Mary's Secret Garden Pattern *Pattern by Mary Jardin Wimberley *Jointed Artist Rabbit * Easter Bunny *Positionable Rabbit *Highly detailed Rabbit pattern *Step by Step Bunny Pattern *Advanced Rabbit Pattern


    There are four pages of clearly marked pattern pieces which feature seam letters for easy match up, dots for cotter pin, openings for turning, seam allowance, nap arrows, dots or notches for eye and ear placement and more. This pattern also is easy to resize because I include the stitch line and also outlines of the discs so as you shrink or enlarge the pattern you can see where to stitch and what size discs to use. It also includes a complete list of materials such as fur, joints, glass eyes, glue, brushes, discs, leather for eyelids, paint, wire, etc as well as a montage of photos for reference. The Bailey Bunny pattern can be made up a variety of ways. In the montage photos, you will see that I have enlarged the brown rabbits 125% to get 20” rabbits. Also I give you guidelines for choosing fabric colorations, style and nap lengths. It is easy to achieve the look of this because the ears are sewn into the head and eyes are marked by eyeholes. Most of the finessing occurs with the needle sculpting, hand coloring and scissor trimming of the head. By purchasing this pattern you agree to not sell or share this pattern. But you may sell a bunny made from this pattern or a revised version as long as you mention it was made by Mary Wimberley of Mary’s Secret Garden. I have put many years of experience and many hours into the pattern so giving me credit helps me enormously. In fact share on Facebook if you if you feel so moved. ☺ Enjoy! Thanks so much for your support! Friend me on Facebook to follow my progress on the next pattern. Let me know if there are other animal patterns you would be interested in purchasing. You can go to my website: www.marywimberley.com to look at my photo gallery and see what other animals I have made. Enjoy and please feel free to write with questions while you are constructing. So much love and good luck! Mary of Mary's Secret Garden PS. Check out the Teddy Bear Times magazine-April/May 2018 Edition to see an article about me.

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    Materials you need at home:

    Bailey Bunny Materials List FUR: (Use European Synthetic or other dense fur) MC 1” Imported Synthetic Gray or Brown: 28“ x 14” CC2 1/2” Medium-Light Brown or Gray: 9” x 5”
    CC 1/4“ - 3/8” Imported Synthetic Gray or Brown: 16” x 16” *CC Polar Fleece 8” x 9” *Fur lined ear option 1/8” - 1/4” CC Imp Syn: 9“ x 9”/cream colored velour: 9“ x9” LA 1” (Light Accent-Cream) 1” Imported Synthetic: 10” x 15“ Brown or Black Leather: 3” x 2”
    Leather, Velveteen, Ultra suede: 2“x 2” (disregard if using a flocked nose) DISCS: Head/Neck: (4) 1 3/4” Arm: (4) 1 1/2” Leg: (4) 2 1/4 ” Eyes: 16 mm brown round pupil glass eyes *Nose: 21 mm plastic safety nose if covering with leather *Nose option: 21 mm flocked nose Whiskers: Brown, Black or White Horsehair Hardware: (12) washers, (6) cotter pins, small curved hemostat, cotter key, small clips Coloring: Permanent markers (Brands: Faber Castell, Premiere, Sharpie, Zig & Artwin) stiff paint brush, Turmenoid Natural Turpentine for blending markers Stuffing: Poly fiberfill (Do not use silky style) Other materials: Embroidery scissors, curved manicure scissors, white glue, toothpicks, q-tips, upholstery thread, Fray Check, assorted needles, thin covered floral wire, finger brush, (OPT) glue stick, (OPT) poster board, jumbo tweezers for stuffing