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Christmas Robin Bird Dolls & Mailbox House PDF

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    Learn to sew your own family of festive robins complete with cosy pompom hats, scarves & a holiday mailbox house with this PDF pattern & tutorial.

    These three adorable & thoroughly lovable birds are the happiest & most colourful robin family in the world. They just love the Christmas holidays when they can decorate their tree top home with bright winter berries & mistletoe & snuggle up on snowy winter nights in their cosy knitwear.

    Holly has a passion for fairy lights, with their tiny bright bulbs casting a warm glow around their snug little nest & is delighted to have her very own festive light pompom hat. She is also very fond of knitting & spends many winter evenings crafting warm woolly boots, hats & scarves for Aspen & Little Lumi.

    Aspen has always harboured a keen desire to be a postal worker & he loves the holiday period when many other birds ask him to deliver special gifts & treats to their families & neighbours. He is very proud to have the reputation of being the ‘safest pair of wings’ in the neighbourhood & has never delivered a damaged parcel. When he’s not out & about on his rounds he likes to keep a watchful eye on the bird table because being the worlds only ‘Post Robin’ builds a healthy appetite.

    Lumi has inherited her father’s love of the mail & with the help of her little friend Ginger & her mother she has decorated her very own ‘upcycled’ mail box with tiny fairy lights, candy canes & sweet treats to make sure her play house is full of festive cheer. At the end of a long day learning how to knit the cosiest pompom hats she is happy to snuggle down in her very own sleeping bag & dream of the happy mail she hopes will fill the stocking on her door this Holiday Season.

    Holly is 46 cm (18 inches) tall, including her legs & 31 cm (12 inches) wide at her widest point. Aspen is 42 cm (16 inches) tall, including his legs & 34 cm (13 inches) wide including his tail. Lumi is 14 cm (5.5 inches) tall, including her legs & 9 cm (3 inches) wide. The mailbox house is 23 cm (9 inches) wide & 21 cm (8.5 inches) high. Gingerbread doll is 9cm (3.5 inches) tall.

    The accessories included in the pattern are:

    *Holly robin doll * Aspen robin doll * Lumi robin doll * Holly's knitted pompom hat with felt fairy light decoration * Knitted boots for Holly * Knitted pompom hat for Aspen * Knitted scarf for Aspen *Knitted pompom hat for Lumi in 2 styles * Knitted sweater dress for Lumi in 2 styles * Mailbox house for Lumi (fully lined) & decorated with festive appliqués * Letter to Father Christmas fully lined envelope *Gingerbread felt doll plush *Lumi's bed *Lumi's Christmas Stocking

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Cotton
    • Felt
    • Yarn
    • Stuffing