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Clever Fox Cord Holder

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    • A fully-tested knitting pattern
    • Step-by-step photos to help construct a cute fox
    • Measurements in inches (imperial) with metric conversions

    Pattern paper format: only US letter


    What does the fox say? "Can I hold your earbuds for you?" :) This clever and adorable fox can’t wait to carry your earbuds, charger, or any other small cord you need organized. He’s great for throwing in your purse so your cords don’t get tangled, or keeping on your desk to tidy up your cords and make you smile!

    This pattern is a fun knitted version of Charissa Pray's Clever Fox Cord Holder crochet pattern, developed in cooperation with her. It's a quick knit with enough spice to keep a beginner on their toes.

    Gauge is approximate and not terribly important for this project, although it should be relatively tight for worsted yarn in order to decrease drape and boost sturdiness. Cotton yarn also improves sturdiness. Completed foxes should measure approximately 2.5" (6.3cm) tall, including the ears, and 3" (7.6cm) wide.


    • Tapestry needle
    • Small sharp needle with large eye (to sew on snap)
    • Embroidery scissors
    • Tape measure
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    Materials you need at home:

    • Worsted weight yarn (cotton provides a useful sturdiness) in orange or gray and ivory or white, about 30 yards of orange or gray and 5 or so yards of ivory or white
    • Black embroidery thread or other thin black yarn (about 3 yards) to sew on snap and embroider eyes and to knit the nose tip
    • 1/2” sew-on snap