Coffee Tea & Cocoa Amigurumi Crochet Pattern + Tutorial - Beginner Friendly

This is a great little 3 in 1 pattern! You will be creating either coffee tea or cocoa, this is dictated by the accessories. You can add marshmallows or the little tea bag. This is a great pattern to gift and you can customize it by using different colored yarns, adding eyeballs and a face or using larger yarn and crochet hooks to make a GIANT one! This pattern is suitable for beginners and is a great one to practice your working in the round skills. This is a great gift to a coffee tea or cocoa lover but also makes AWESOME play food for kids!

This pattern comes out about 5" tall but is scale-able so you can use any size yarn and corresponding hook and it will come out in the correct proportions.

You will need worsted weight yarn in 3 colors, you will need fiberfill or another stuffing, cardboard to stiffen the mug, scissors, tapestry needle and 3.5mm crochet hook.

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*Illustrated Crochet Pattern *US Crochet Terms *Amigurumi *Measured in Inches *5" Tall

Materials you need at home:

*Worsted Weight Yarn *Fiber Fill or Other Stuffing *Cardboard (Optional) *Tapestry Needle *Scissors *3.5mm Crochet Hook

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My name is Erica and I am also known as the The Soft Scientist. I endeavor to create exceptionally accurate scientific fiber art patterns. While challenging, my patterns offer unique opportunities to grow your skills and make interesting creatures.

My patterns are designed to be as scientifically accurate as possible. You also may sell the finished product of my patterns as long as my website is credited on any sales tag or online description!

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