CP301 Hootie Tootie Baby Afghan owl Blanket with Crocodile st Crochet Pattern #301

This pattern is available in PDF format in UK, USA terminology


Sizes 1: 35" (89cm) x 40" (102cm)

Materials: UK-DK, USA-Light Worsted (3), AU-8ply C1 (medium brown) 140g C2 (beige) 50g C3 (yellow) scraps C4 (white) 30g C5 (pink) 40g C6 (grey) 40g C7 (blue) scraps C8 (light green) 30g C9 (black) scraps C10 (purple) scraps

Crochet hook UK 3.5mm, USA E Crochet Hook,


The Pattern is one of over 300 that ShiIFio have designed.

My patterns are copyright protected and are for your own personal use only, they are not to be re-sold or reproduced in any format including by electronic means, completed items made from our patterns sold , we would like to be given credit for the pattern :)


  • Crochet pattern
  • UK & USA Terminology

Materials you need at home:

*UK-DK, USA-Light Worsted (3), AU-8ply *C1 (medium brown) 140g *C2 (beige) 50g *C3 (yellow) scraps *C4 (white) 30g *C5 (pink) 40g *C6 (grey) 40g *C7 (blue) scraps *C8 (light green) 30g *C9 (black) scraps *C10 (purple) scraps

*Crochet hook UK 3.5mm, USA E Crochet Hook,

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ShiFio's Patterns

Hello, our names are Shirley & Fiona, we are a mother and daughter design team, who live in the Highlands of Scotland

The name ShiFio comes from a combination of our names, Mum SHIrley and daughter FIOna,

Shirley--- I was taught crochet and knitting at a very early age. My mum believed in teaching practical crafts and we are glad she did!! I passed this love of crafts onto my only daughter and together we spend hours designing, creating and having fun together

We decided we could produce many different and usual designs ourselves and that is how ShiFio's Patterns started.

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