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Crochet Bunny Rabbit Pattern (Furry-Beast Bunny)

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    • Detailed written instructions - standard American (US) , English crochet terminology
    • Numerous how-to photos
    • Suitable for intermediate crocheter
    • Simple technique that adds fur to a skinny amigurumi , bunny worked in single crochet rounds
    • The finished bunny measures approximately 12.5” , around at the belly and is 9.5" tall (not including , ears) and approx. 13.5" tall, including ears


    I LOVE this crochet bunny rabbit. I think he is absolutely ADORABLE! I had so much fun designing him and even more fun photographing him! The carrot "accessory" was my 5 year old son’s suggestion and I think it was a really good one – crochet instructions for carrot also included :)

    I used an easy crochet technique that I developed to cover this lovely beast in fur and he is, in fact, as soft and as cuddly as he looks. Underneath all that top fur is a skinny AMIGURUMI bunny worked in single crochet rounds!

    Only the bunny rabbit’s head and body are stuffed, so the arms, legs and tail remain floppy and flexible. His ears are also not stuffed, but they are thick enough to stand up on their own (you can pose them!), which adds a lovely touch and A LOT of character.

    This crochet bunny rabbit would obviously make a sweet gift for a little boy or little girl, but teenagers and adults will appreciate him as well --he’s just so cute!! His softness would also be suitable for a baby boy or baby girl, but I would recommend using safety eyes for a baby versus the button ones shown here.

    This item is a CROCHET TUTORIAL / PATTERN for a stuffed BUNNY RABBIT toy. It is a digital download document consisting of detailed written crochet instructions AND numerous how-to photos. It is written using standard American (US) English crochet terminology. It is suitable for an intermediate crocheter.

    This KnotYourselfOut crochet bunny rabbit pattern is named: FURRY-BEAST BUNNY.

    The finished bunny measures approximately 12.5” around at the belly and is 9.5” tall (not including ears) and approx. 13.5” tall, including ears.

    This pattern / tutorial has been tested for clarity and accuracy by a professional crochet designer. In addition, and as mentioned earlier, it contains MANY step-by-step how-to photos. I am confident this pattern will make for a happy crochet experience.

    I am available to answer questions, should you have any.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Sonja Hood (KnotYourselfOut Crochet Patterns)

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    Materials you need at home:

    • WORSTED WEIGHT YARN -- Main color - 12 oz., , carrot color - 35 feet, carrot top color - 18 feet, , tail underside color - 17 feet, nose color - 4 feet , (specific yarn brand and colors used to make bunny , shown here are detailed in the tutorial)
    • 1” black button x2
    • Size H/8/5.00 mm crochet hook (for body parts and , fur)
    • Size F/5/3.75 mm (for carrot)
    • Stitch marker
    • Yarn needle
    • Small amount polyester fiberfill / stuffing (for head and , body only)