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crochet colourful hearts

by Masche-fuer-masche
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the pattern includes a seperate explanation for each heart.

pictures for every step


This is hearts are perfect to give away for valentines day.

The pattern explaines each different way and includes lots of pictures.

When ready crochet, the hearts will become about 4 inches tall.

This is, what you need to know:

single crochet, chain, de- increase

For questions, just contact me.

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Materials you need at home:

Needed equipment:
* Hook no 3 * Darning needle * scissors

needed materials:

  • 1. Left overs in yellw, red, green and orange, sizes 2- 2,5
  • 2. Left overs in light purple, raspberry, purpel and light grey, size 2 – 2,5
  • 3. Left overs in 7 different colours
  • stuffing

Gauge: 26 stitches * 24 rows = 4 * 4 inches