Crochet Flower Brooch Pattern, Crocheted Flower, Jewellery

Original 3D crochet flower brooch Pattern.

I entirely designed this 3D flower brooch using recycled materials that I’ve never seen in this kind of creations. I want to share this “secret” with you because I am sure it will allow you to create your own original items and give you other ideas. I created a brooch using this flower but it can be used as ornamental flower, for decor. It's a 2-level (8 petals each) 3D flower with a heart made from a button.

This pattern is my new and original creation, it’s unique, so please do not resell or redistribute it. If you sell a product using this design, please mention my name and a link to my shop.

Diameter: 10,5 cm


  • This pattern contains
  • Written Instructions
  • Diagram

Materials you need at home:

  • Yarn or threads of your choice
  • 1 button
  • Crochet hook
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The idea of « Nature aux fils » came from a distant childhood memory of a 3D flower knitted, I think, on a skirt's strap by my talented grandma for me. Inspired by nature, I want my crochet flowers and other creations as realistic as possible but I don't want to copy nature and reproduce the whole flowers because I know that I'll never do better, so I introduce them into my pieces of jewellery.

The patterns that I publish here are unique and were designed by me with great care and passion. Today I want to share my secrets with you. My technique is simple but new and original, it permits you to obtain a needed shape rather easily. I also use some unusual materials that everyone can have at home but doesn't think to use.

Welcome to my universe!

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