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Crochet pattern - Crochet pattern Joker from Batman

by Anna Carax
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  • You have to master the basics of the hook.

Here are the terms and their diminutives used :

  • Magic ring : mr

  • Single crochet: sc

  • Half double crochet : hdc

  • Double crochet : dc

  • Treble : tr

  • Chain loop : ch

  • Increase : inc

  • Decrease : dec

  • Repeat : *


"This is a digital article"

The tutorial is 14 pages long and contains photos.

The Joker when finished is 10.5 inches (with a hook 3).

The Joker is crocheted with wool Bergère de France (Barisienne) and a crochet 3. You can also make it with cotton thread and a hook bigger or smaller (adapted to the thread chooses).

Tip: The hair and eyes are made with wool felted. You can use felt for the eyes and mouth in the absence of felted wool. To have a "fluffy" effect on the hair, if you still do not have felted wool, you can brush your hair with a metal cat brush, provided you use wool and brush your hair once attached to the head.

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Materials you need at home:

  • crochet : 3
  • a ball of white, green, black and dark purple
  • a wool needle
  • Felting needle
  • Felted wool for the hair, eyes and mouth (you can also use felt)
  • stuffing
  • felt
  • glue gun
  • scissors