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crochet pattern Loop "Sky"

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    *Illustrated crochet pattern on 4 Pages *Suitable for Beginners *Hand-drawn crochet


    So again a nice piece finished!

    The crochet pattern for the loop "Sky".

    A great loop for the whole year, whether it 's cozy warm in thick wool, or airy and light from very thin wool.

    Beautifully explained in written form, with a hand-drawn crochet.

    200g "oasis of the unicorns" were consumed by the Knopfoase. Depending on how much you want your loop Varies the yarn consumption. I have made him very high, and therefore consumed more wool.

    I wish you much fun....

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    Materials you need at home:

    *200g Yarn from Knopfoase or other one *crochet hock 3,5 mm