crochet pattern rattling and squeaking duck

This duck is great as a part of your decoration, but it is best as a grab toy for a baby.

It will become about 10 inches, when ready crochet.

It squeaks when you press the stomach and it rattle, if you shake it.

This is what you need to know, to do it:

slip stitch, single crochet, chain, various double crochets, de- increase

If there is a question left, just contact me for help.


  • This pattern helps you crochet a great present for every new born for your friends or familiy , , Many pictures are included

Materials you need at home:

  • needed equipment , , * Hook no. 3 , * Darning needle , * scissors , , , needed materials , , * 50 g off white wool, size 2- 4 , * left overs in purple and light purple, size 2- 4 , * a pair of security eyes, 0,25 inches , * stuffing , * squeaker , * a little piece of crackling film , , I used Schachenmayr Catania. , Gauge 22 stitches * 26 rows = 4 * 4 inches
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I started to crochet about three years ago, when my little sister asked me:

I know you can knitt, could you croched me cat???

When I checked the internet, I thought, that could´t be that hard. So I tried and somehow managed to crochet a cat.

From that day on, I haven´t put my needles away any more.

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