Crochet Strelitzia Flower Pattern, Bird of Paradise, Decor

This strelitzia (bird of paradise) flower was designed and crocheted by me. It is very realistic. You can use it as brooch or ornamental (decorative) item (flower), create your own designs with it (necklace, hat etc.). I suggest you using DMC cotton but you can also use any other equivalents. This pattern is my new and original creation, it’s unique, so please do not resell or redistribute it. If you sell a product using this design, please mention my name and a link to my shop.

Measurements: 18x10 cm


  • Detailed step-by-step tutorial
  • Written Instructions
  • Crochet chart
  • Photo Tutorial

Materials you need at home:

  • 0,5 mm metal wire
  • Mercerised cotton
  • 1,25 crochet hook
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The idea of « Nature aux fils » came from a distant childhood memory of a 3D flower knitted, I think, on a skirt's strap by my talented grandma for me. Inspired by nature, I want my crochet flowers and other creations as realistic as possible but I don't want to copy nature and reproduce the whole flowers because I know that I'll never do better, so I introduce them into my pieces of jewellery.

The patterns that I publish here are unique and were designed by me with great care and passion. Today I want to share my secrets with you. My technique is simple but new and original, it permits you to obtain a needed shape rather easily. I also use some unusual materials that everyone can have at home but doesn't think to use.

Welcome to my universe!

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