Cuddly-toy "Hoodie-Bunny" – tutorial with pattern

ATTENTION, ATTENTION, here comes a little explorer!

Cute and well behaved is out. Small, cheeky and casual – the hoodie bunny comes with goggles and hoodie dress or pants. And the best part: the choice how your bunny will look like is yours. With this detailed tutorial you can easily sew you your hoodie bunny yourself!

Only sewn from nicky, it nestles wonderfully soft in small hands. The face is embroidered in order to guarantee nothing can be dangerous for young explorers. Its size is chosen well for babies and children to grasp and explore. And for explorers the bunny is perfect: whether it wears a dress or pants, it has always a small carrot with it. Sometimes it dangels on a string, sometimes it hides in the bag, but never goes lost.

Rustling foil sewn in the belly of the bunny leaves little explorers prick up their ears. And if you like it even noisier, sew a rattle or a squeaker in the bunnies head. The back of the dress or pants leaves space for decoration. If you like, appliqué healthy vegetables or choose a typical heart or a star. The tutorial comes with three patterns.

For babies the bunny can be a pacifier holder with a loop on the ear at the same time. For those who do not like pacifiers, the feet worked as knots are a great alternative for snuggeling. Older children have fun in dressing and undressing the bunny – hoodie-dress and pants are both included in the pattern. So the bunny is for small and big kids a cuddly friend to love!


As a gift the bunny with its casual clothes brings double the joy – once while sewing and once when giving away. And to give your handmade unique bunny yet that special something, you will find on the last page of this tutorial a birth certificate for printing. Handed over with the present, everyone sees that the little bunny is a unique friend for loving, made with love and care by hand.


This tutorial in PDF format contains a detailed step-by-step guide with more than 100 photos, 35 A4 pages and four sectional pattern pages in original size.

The eBook explains you in detail what you have to observe in order to obtain a safe toys for babies and toddlers . Numerous additional tips suggest ways you can personalize your bunny.

♥ sewing duration: three to four hours incl. cutting

♥ level of difficulty: for patient beginners

♥ material: expandable fabrics such as jersey or terry cloth

♥ bunny size: about 30cm big and 15cm wide

NOTE: Here is NOT offered a ready-sewn stuffed animal, but the instructions and the pattern in PDF!!!

Note for use: The instructions apply exclusively for private use only! The commercial use is prohibited! All rights to this eBook (design, interface and implementation)

© von Lange Hand, 2016. All rights reserved.


  • richly illustrated sewing instructions
  • incl patterns in original size
  • with detailed appliqué instructions
  • tips, tricks and ideas for personalizing your bunny
  • special extra printable birth certificate to make it a personal gift
  • suitable for beginners

Materials you need at home:

  • stretchable cotton fabric, best nicky, knitted terry cloth, knitted sweat or grip jersey
  • remnants of felt, jersey or woven fabric and yarn for appliqué
  • fiberfill or wool, about 20 g
  • matching sewing thread
  • black embroidery floss
  • scissor and flat iron
  • trick marker or tailor's chalk
  • small stick for turning
  • optionally a rattle or squeaker if the bunny should make noise
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von Lange Hand

Do you know this feeling when something special is created under your hands? Then it tingles in the tummy and a smile appears in your face. Especially when its one of a kind!

Because I love this feeling, I design sewing instructions in my little sewing studio. The ideas for my pieces come to me in my everyday life. Sometimes it is s a wild dragon, sometimes a practical changing bag and another time a buggy garland hops of my sewing machine. Only when working the refinements mature. If everything fits, I develop the tutorial. Step by step, I explain every detail, give additional tips and encourage variations. Numerous photos and a lovly design make each tutorial special.

Your Franziska

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