Cutting files Skier Winter Sport DXF PNG SVG

The download product contains the “License Agreement” and the “Motif Instructions” as PDF format and three digital templates in SVG, PNG and DFX format, each with offset variants (see product photos). This motif contains fine lines, so it is advisable not to plot the motif smaller than 20 cm in width. The monochrome version is only suitable for dark foils on light backgrounds. In order to plot the motif on a dark background, the motif must have a dark background, e.g. with the offset variant or monochrome negative variant.

The DXF, PNG and SVG formats may only be used for private purposes. Commercial use is prohibited. In addition, all motifs are subject to copyright, i.e. all rights remain with FAMAFAMI - Michel Schmidt. The plotter files cannot be returned or exchanged. Furthermore, the transfer to third parties is not permitted. The publication of DIY results and print media with the motifs used is permitted, but requires “Famafami” to be named as the author. After payment has been made, the file is available to you as a download.After payment has been made, the file is available for download directly.


  • Design as SVG file
  • Design as DXF file
  • Design as PNG file

Materials you need at home:

  • Foils
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Iron or heat presses
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Famafami means translated: The fantastic (FA) Manu (MA) faktur (FA) of Michel (MI). I sell plotter files for your unique DIY project. In my manufactory I go on trips, according to the motto: Arts of the world unite!

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