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Cuttlefish Cephalopod Amigurumi Crochet Pattern + Tutorial - Beginner Friendly

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    *Illustrated Crochet Pattern *US Crochet Terms *Amigurumi *10" Cuttlefish *Measured in Inches

    Pattern measurements: only inches
    Pattern paper format: only US letter


    This is a pattern for the brilliant and wonderful cuttlefish! Cuttlefish are arguably one of the most intelligent animals in the ocean! They come in all shapes and sizes and use jet propulsion as well as their swim fins to move around. They are active predators and have two specialized hunting tentacles. In this pattern the animal's head is hollow so you can tuck his hunting tentacles inside of his head! This adorable cuttlefish will delight anyone that you give it to!

    This cuttlefish is around 12" Long with tentacles fully extended, however all of my patterns are made to be scaled up or down with any yarn you use they will still be in proportion!

    You will need Worsted Weight Yarn, 10mm Safety Eyes, Fiber Fill or other stuffing, Tapestry Needle, 3.5mm Crochet Hook, Scissors.

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    Materials you need at home:

    *Worsted Weight Yarn *10-12mm Safety Eyes *Fiber Fill or Other Stuffing *3.5mm Crochet Hook *Tapestry Needle *Scissors