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Daffodil Flower Fairy Toy Knitting Pattern

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  • Height 21cms
  • Method Worked Flat
  • Beginners Knitting Pattern

Pattern paper format: only A4


Daffodil Flower Fairy Doll Knitting Pattern

This is my second design of a flower fairy, inspired by the flower fairy poems of Cicely Mary Baker, which I read as a child.

The Daffodil, or known as Narcissus, is the national flower of Wales. It is named after a Greek God called Narcissus, who loved himself so much that he was turned into a flower.

The Daffodil Fairy comes with a Daffodil skirt, wings and a little stem cap. She wears flowers on her arms. The wings are knitted in Sirdar Snuggly Pearls DK, to give a little sparkle.

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Materials you need at home:

  • DK Wool
  • Knitting Needles Single pointed 3mm
  • Toy Stuffing
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors