Dashing Through the Snow Christmas Doll Bedding Sewing Pattern - Dollhouse Scale

Sewing, craft and embroidery pattern for a miniature sized dollhouse bed (sizes range from 4" to 5" across to 6" to 8" in length) Very simple directions showing how to use a similar technique to make the pillows, bedspread/comforter, mattress and throw. This bedding and pictures were featured in the American Miniaturist magazine for their Christmas issue.

The directions are extremely easy and a beginner at sewing could easily make this pattern. I show step by step with photos along the way how to make the following:

Flat sheet matching pillowcases pillow shams - bigger sized Euro and smaller shams Accent pillows Blanket Pom pom edged throw mattress Embroidered accent pillow with tassel embellishment headboard construction and photos how to decorate and put it in place.

I explain how to make and fit it onto a purchased or pre-made dollhouse bed and how to size it. I've found that dollhouse beds are often different sizes, and I explain what to do, to make the bedding fit the bed you have. Basics needed are a sewing machine, glue or glue gun, white spray paint, glitter, tiny pinecones, ornaments and little reindeer. Fabric can be solids or Christmas prints with small designs. I used fabric designed by Lori Holt and Carried by Riley Blake designs. Found here on Etsy. I just typed in 'Christmas fabric by Lori Holt' and found several shops who carry the fabric with the little reindeer.

My philosophy in making little things is to use a simple pattern (all mine are simple with this thought in mind) and beautiful fabric! I want my projects to be something people enjoy and can enjoy the end product.


This pattern is very simple to make. I love it when a pattern is simple, but the fabric is wonderful and pretty. When the two come together, a simple project ends up looking amazing.

Basic sewing skills are needed, there really is nothing difficult in the making of this little doll bedding. It is sized for a dollhouse miniature bed which ranges between 5" and 7" long and 4" to 5" wide. So it is for a small dollhouse bed. The pattern is to make the following: Flat lace edged sheet and matching pillowcases dollhouse mattress wool blanket reversible comforter/bedspread pom pom edged throw draped at end of bed Euro Shams Small to medium shams Embroidered Accent pillow with tiny tassel

While the bedding is for a dollhouse sized bed I share how to adjust if the bed is a bit bigger or smaller in size and how to add or detract when cutting fabric out.

I used beautiful fabric that is Christmas fabric by Lori Holt (carried by Riley Blake Designs) with tiny reindeer on it. Any fabric can be used as long as it has a smaller print or design on it. Tiny pom pom fringe is used along the edge of the pillowcases and bed throw. There are over 15 pages in this pattern. Full pictures and directions guiding through each step of each item.

Materials you need at home:

*US Imperial measurements - inches *Illustrated Sewing and Embroidery pattern *Bedding sized for dollhouse miniature beds *Suitable for Beginners with a working knowledge of sewing *91 centimeters of fabric total *fabric scraps for little pillows *small amount of fiberfill stuffing *red embroidery thread *embroidery needle * 180 centimeters of white small pom pom fringe *91 centimeters of white cotton flat lace *sewing machine *scissors *embroidery hoop - small

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Debbie Booth

I am a professional pattern designer, seamstress and miniature maker. As a little girl my parents gave me little toys and sewing projects to keep me quiet in church! Those interests turned into skills, and in my later life turned into a wonderful thriving business! My goal in making patterns is to make them as simple as possible, while using the prettiest fabric. Putting the two together hopefully results in a wonderful finished product or item!

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