Easy Toy Bear & Toy Bunny

This is for a PATTERN to knit a stuffed toy Bear or Bunny

Darling little Teddy Bear and Bunny toy stuffie pattern for you to make yourself.

The toy is meant for small babies, is great as a photo-prop.

It is approximately 15- 23 cm (6- 9 inches) depending on the yarn that you use.

Simple instructions, using chunky or double knit (8ply) yarn My favorite is a chunky-knit mohair as it gives a lovely fluffy look.

The entire pattern is knit in stocking stitch, with crochet ears for the bear. (links on how to do the crochet are included) Lots of photos.

The Pattern is in PDF format, available for immediate download Simple instructions, with lots of photos. The Pattern is in PDF format, available for immediate download I usually knit using a circular needle, as I find it faster, but I knit back and forth, not in the round, so you can use either circular needles or straight needles and do the same.


  • knitting pattern for small toy bear
  • knitting pattern for small toy bunny

Materials you need at home:

  • scraps of double knit / 8 ply or worsted yarn
  • 5mm knitting needles(US8)
  • scrap of thread for face
  • bow - optional
  • Synthetic toy stuffing
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