eBook Tunic top ANKI Size: XS-XXL

A real comfortable shirt for woman. This Shirt/ tunic top is available in size XS - XXL. You can choose in 3 different sleeve length´s and different hem´s. XXL equals Shop Size DEU 44/46 UK 20 US18. Used Materials (long sleeve) wide of fabric 1,40 m (55 inch):XS: 1,40 m (55 inch) S: 1,46 m (57 inch) M: 1,52 m (60 inch) L: 1,56 m (61,5 inch) XL: 1,60 m (63 inch) XXL: 1,64 m (65 inch) You may must adjust the amount of fabric if you extent the shirt part of the dress. This Pattern is for light cotton, Chiffon and linen – you also could use jersey. This eBook is also for skilled beginners – everything is explained in detail with pictures over 34 Pages No boundaries for your creativity:-) The eBook contains the cutting layout for Size XS-XXL ATTENTION: You just purchase the eBook, NOT the finished shirt. If you pay with Paypal – there is no extra Fee. The (Ex-)change, forward or copy of this eBook is NOT permitted. Idea and Design by DREIEMS(Manja Krafczyk) I wish you lot´s of fun sewing your very own!! You get an eBook in PDF-Format for Microsoft Windows (Windows 7 and up) as well as Apple Macintosh OS X (from Version 10.6). To open the file you need an up to date PDF Reader e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader from Version 11. The eBook can be read or printed. Download product


  • Size XS-XXL
  • suitable for Beginners
  • Illustrated Pattern

Materials you need at home:

  • Sewig machine
  • Cotton
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Drei eM's stand for Manja, Mode and more.

I love the nice things of the live. Fashion, jewelry and the little treasures. With my own label “ Drei eM's“ I fulfilled my dream.

As Child I loved the drawing and design of clothes. First Children Fashion – later also for Adults. With my eBooks I love to share my passion. In this way you can share my ideas and you can let your creativity run wild. For me it is very important to keep the Patterns and the picture pattern easy and simple – so that everybody can follow the steps. Even Sew beginners should have fun at these projects.

My little son is the biggest Luck of my life. Because every parent knows how quick out little once grow, I invented my Baby-Curl-Chains. A little reminder conserved for eternity. Of course you can fill you Chains also with fur of your beloved pet.

Let’s touch the magic!

I would love if you visit me at: www.facebook.com/DREIEMS and www.dreiems.com

Best wished – yours Manja

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