Eli, the Elf

PATTERN ONLY: As a child, I loved Santa's helpers as much as I did Santa himself. The idea of hundreds of little people with pointed ears rushing around singing Christmas songs and making toys in his workshop kept my imagination busy for hours in the weeks leading up to Christmas. So of course, I just had to bring one of them to life in crochet.

I trust you will enjoy making him as much as I have in designing him.

FINISHED SIZE: 39cm with hat folded

Pattern Difficulty: Moderate/Experienced


  • Written crochet pattern

Materials you need at home:

  • Stylecraft Special DK: 1 ball Green (1116)
  • Stylecraft Special DK: 1 ball Red
  • Stylecraft Special DK: 1 ball White (1001)
  • Stylecraft Special DK: 1 ball Spring Green (1316)
  • Stylecraft Special DK: 1 ball Soft Peach (1240)
  • Stylecraft Special DK: Scrap of Yellow (Note: While I’ve used Stylecraft, any double knitting yarn will work. Just be sure to keep to the same brand throughout.)
  • 3mm crochet hook
  • 1 pair Xmm red buttons for attaching arms
  • 1 pair of 6mm blue safety eyes
  • 1 bell for tip of hat
  • Fibrefill
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Sharonlee Holder

I am from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Some would comment that I live in my own little world of imaginary creatures and all things fey. To them I ask, does the wind not exist simply because we do not see it?

Whether it be an old bottle cap, a skein of yarn, scraps of material, a piece of wire or a block of wood, I love to spend time creating things of whimsy that I trust will be found to be fun, refreshing and enjoyable to others.

I am also a published cross stitch designer having done work for and with Quick & Easy Cross Stitch magazine (UK), Cross Stitcher magazine (UK), Jeanette Crews Design (USA) as well as DMC Paris.

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