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Elvina - A Medieval Toy Knitting Pattern

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  • Height 28cms
  • Method Worked Flat
  • Beginners Knitting Pattern

Pattern paper format: only A4


Elvina - A Medieval Romansque Doll 1086

In 1086 Britain was in the Middle Ages. The Doomsday Book was travelling through the country so details of land & estates could be documented and taxation could commence. King William I 'the Conqueror' of the House of Normandy reigned over Britain at this time. It was unusual for a Saxon lady to own land but I have decided to give an Anglo Saxon name to Elvina, meaning 'a friend of the elves'.

Ladies wore simple dresses during this time. The colours most often used were: green, light blue and pink. The very long flowing sleeves were not seen until later in this Medieval period, but they were evident in the dress seen during this time. I have put shorter sleeves in my design.

Skirts and cuffs were decorated with borders, I have used moss stitch at the bottom of the skirt, this also gives the skirt a strong base so Elvina can stand up.

Elvina wears her belt on her hips and her hair down, with a braid to decorate it.

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Materials you need at home:

  • DK Wool
  • Knitting Needles Single pointed 3mm
  • Toy Stuffing
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors