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Embroidery Set Spider Web Border Trim & Motifs E107

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    • Several separate designs.
    • Spiders, Webs, Trim and borders!
    • Mini color embroidery lesson.

    Pattern measurements: only inches
    Pattern paper format: US letter & A4


    This is a digital, print at home embroidery motif collection for a great antique-style border or motif design scaled to a few different sizes. This adaptation is based on a popular pattern from 1919.

    The long spiderweb border can be printed to any scale and repeated for a border along hemlines or cuffs, or used to ornament any other linen edge you can think of. The largest it is set to scale is 18 1/2" wide for a skirt hem as illustrated above. Also included in the pattern, a narrow tiny half-web trim, a border of spiders, spiders at a few different scales and another extra web.

    You can print the pages to any scale to work with whatever type of project you'd like to embellish. These motifs are delicate and feminine but would also be wonderful used on any other project as well.

    Also included is a small lesson on common embroidery stitches.

    To get the 18 1/2" wide border, a few pages will have to be taped together. Also included is a small lesson on common embroidery stitches.

    Once you've printed the designs, use transfer paper, or trace the design with an iron-on transfer pencil. My favorite way to transfer these designs is to print them out, then lay a piece of sewing transfer paper over my fabric. Then I lay the printed design face up, pin it all in place, and trace over the motif with a pen to press it into the fabric. It's fast, easy, and versatile.

    Copyright Mrs. Depew Vintage LLC, 2019.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Embroidery floss.
    • Fabric.
    • Optional stabilizer.