Esmeralda - Shrug

Esmeralda is a Spanish forename, meaning gemstone. The most famous figure in connection with this name is the gypsy from the novel "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" by Victor Hugo.

Because this shrug looks very noble, but also softly flatters the soul, for me it was the appropriate analogy.

This pattern includes 7 sites inclusive a full Crochet Chart. Furthermore you will find a description and Pictures. The first rows are a written pattern.

You can work the pattern in any size from xs to xxxl.

What do you Need to know? - chains - double Crochet - Cluster - single Crochet - half double Crochet - slip stitches - back post half double crochet


  • suitable for beginners
  • full Crochet Chart
  • all sizes from xs to xxxl

Materials you need at home:

  • 1 Marie(n)Käferchen, RL 1200m, 4-ply of the brand Marie and Me
  • crochet hook 4 mm
  • scissors
  • wool needle
  • tape measure
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