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Everyday Circular Bag Sewing Pattern

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    • This pattern in inches (imperial) measurements
    • Circular Bag Printable Sewing Pattern
    • Easy To Follow Instructions
    • Step By Step Video Tutorial

    Pattern paper format: only US letter


    The unique shape of this circular bag and minimalist design make it just as versatile as a boxy bag, but far more stylish and unique.

    When you are done with this new circle bag design, you'll have an adorable purse you can use every day and some new skills you can keep in your back pocket.

    With written instruction, step by step photos and a video sew-along tutorial, even a beginner sewist can complete this bag!

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Basic Sewing Kit & Sewing Machine
    • Walking Foot (For Sewing Heavy Duty Fabrics)
    • Leather Sewing Needles
    • Set Of Push Gate Lobster Clasp Hooks
    • 1/2 Yard Leather/ Faux Leather/ Vinyl / Canvas Fabric
    • Heavy Duty Thread


    (3 out of 5 stars)
    This is a great looking bag and came together pretty easily, although it's clear the pattern wasn't tested very well (or at all). The problems I cam across are: - tells you to cut 2 gusset pieces, but you only need one - instructions never mention seam allowance, though it is marked on the pieces - gusset piece is also called Bag Side in instructions which is confusing - tells you to topstitch both side pieces but this is impossible since once the second one is in you can't get it under the needle to topstitch - the straps seem too wide compared to the pictures, and the video doesn't cover how to make the straps so I couldn't check whether I was doing it right. - strap length is really quite short for a cross body bag, though this is personal preference. So not perfect by any stretch, but the finished product is nice and with a bit of problem solving it came together ok.